RETHINK – inventing the nonexistent

The ideas around idiom, materials and colour scheme, about application and usage situation. Rethink represents new ways of thinking about furniture, reuse, new constellations and contexts.

REFORM – next-level functionality

Performance is challenged and the choice of material makes the functionality unique. We thoroughly test and try out, examine and adapt. We reshape the individual product for a new phase of use and function.

REALIZE – the new necessity

The product in its finished form, ready to be discovered and experienced. The eye-opener for the product's raison d'être and the need for producing it.



Furniture design is about considering more than just form and function. By recycling 250 half-litre plastic bottles, we have created a material that challenges the ‘use and throw away’ tendencies with a circular life cycle that is both better for the environment and is more economical.

We are always rethinking use of materials, functionality and design. We create an article for everyday use that is based in practicality and aesthetics. Its beauty is in its everyday usefulness – and in the certainty that TONO is 100% recycled and useful.


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SALA is an example of how we have reformed elegance. In all its elegant simplicity, the backrest stretches out to offer optimal support and strength. It provides a symmetrical shape with optimal function. We create an article for everyday use that is based in practicality and aesthetics. Its beauty exists in the whole – in experiencing the genius of it, without really noticing it.


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DRY has been revitalised in a spectrum of grey shades that quietly and deeply compliment the existing colour variants. These shades vary from cool to warm in order to create intensity in the range and options for use.


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Rethink + Reform + Realize

The key words in Randers+Radius’ continuous development process.


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