A versatile chair available in 3 variants

DRY is a highly versatile chair designed for several segments of the contract market and is ideal for almost all situations where large numbers of people have to be seated. DRY is characterized by its soft and flexible shell made of pur, which also helps to provide a highly comfortable sitting experience.

What is the secret of Drys high comfort?

Dry is now available in 3 brand new colours: terracotta, dusty olive and warm charcoal. The shades range from cool to warm tints and give you the option to add depth, warmth and character to the room. Individually, they create a sense of calm and enhance the design language and aesthetics of the chair. Together, they create a colourful yet harmonious look. The new colour palette compliments natural materials such as wood and stone, and adds warmth to cool materials such as glass and steel.

German Design Award Gold Winner 2020

Winner of the German Design Award 2020 in the category "Excellent Product Design".

The designer

Dry is designed by Komplot Design - characterized by a clean, clear and uncomplicated style rooted in Scandinavian furniture design and an eye on the latest international trends and production techniques.


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