Environmental friendly

Tono was one of the first chairs on the market which was made of environmental friendly materials and at the same time is a sound absorbing chair with a shell made of felt from recycled PET bottles.

Embraces the latest trends

TONO is designed and developed for the contract market as a meeting room chair or a multifunctional chair for waiting rooms, offices etc., and already during the first presentations there has been a strong interest in the chair, because it embraces and interprets the latest trends in offices furnished in softer and more textured materials.


By recycling 250 half-litre plastic bottles, we have created a material that challenges the 'use and throw away' tendencies with a circular life cycle that is both better for the environment and is more economical.

The designer

Tono was designed by Hans Thyge, whose furniture design is very much about the interplay between the architecture of the furniture and detail.


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Hans Thyge Raunkjær


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