The Pure chair offers carefully developed ergonomic design and functionality. The chair is designed for the contract market and is suitable for canteens, classrooms and meeting rooms. The surface is pleasantly soft and silky and offers an exclusivity not normally seen in this segment.

A silent colour scale, but with a dynamic interplay

The new colours are attuned to Nordic simplicity and international elegance. The shades range from cool to warm tints. Individually, they have character and enhance the idiom of the furniture. In context they emphasise other strong colours with tranquillity and depth.

The new tints can be combined in a harmonic play of colours among the furnishings. They lend an edge to natural materials and softness to cool materials like steel and glass.

The Designer

Pure is designed by Thore Lassen Design, basing the design process on a functional and constructive analysis, and innovative idea generation. The emphasis is on a significant and clean design.


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Thore Lassen Design


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