Certified with the EU Ecolabel

The Mood chair collection helps you to create the right atmosphere and the right environment for your surroundings. The beautifully shaped seat shell plays on subtle references to the human body, and reflects the shapes of its occupant. There are a total of 18 Mood chairs which are certified with the EU Ecolabel.

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Mood100% - choose to reuse 

Mood100% - a Mood chair with an upcycled shell. The shell is made from 100% upcycled plastic waste from the European car industry e.g. dashboards and door panels.

The shell is available in black and can be combined with all the different frames and upholstery combinations of the Mood collection, making it an extremely versatile chair and an ideal component of most modern interiors.  

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German Design Award Winner 2019

Winner of the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Excellent Product Design".

The designer

The Mood collection has been designed and developed by the well-known Danish design company Hans Thyge & Co.


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Hans Thyge Raunkjær


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