Limitless possibilities

The Mood chair series is currently our most versatile range of chairs. It consists of eight models, each with their own qualities, yet which still fit into the collection as a whole. The many chassis, shell, colour, and upholstery combinations make Mood an extremely versatile chair that allows for a variety of expressions, making it an ideal component of most modern interiors.

Bring out the best... 

In your colleagues, your customers, your guests – the possibilities are endless. The new Mood chair collection helps you to create the right atmosphere and the right environment for your surroundings. The monochrome expression, where frame and shell are the same colour, simplifies the chair’s shape and creates a whole that almost makes the chair silhouette-like.

The muted colours appear classic and timeless, and if you want to play a little more with colour, you have a choice of feminine pastel colours or olive green, which work as a pleasant contrast to the cooler grey and blue tones.

German Design Award Winner 2019

Winner of the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Excellent Product Design".

The designer

The Mood collection has been designed and developed by the well-known Danish design company Hans Thyge & Co.


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Hans Thyge Raunkjær


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