Born of innovation

GRIP is not just a table. It’s a fundamentally different and innovative table design.
Gravity is challenged by the balance of a simple, elegant and airy appearance. The ingenious leg system allows a very large leg span and offers the potential for several tables to be put together very quickly.


Up to 3 meter span between the legs

Like a big pair of pincers, the jaws of the legs grip the central weight-bearing beam.  Its special design makes the table more stable the more weight goes on it. Gravity then works for us instead of against us. The self-locking mounting system makes it possible to quickly and easily change the leg position depending on the requirements for each situation.

The table is extremely flexible, as the table legs can easily be removed to allow the table top panels to be stacked against a wall – ready to assemble the table again at a later point.  It is possible to construct the tables in a very long format by adding more legs to the long beam. The central aluminium beam is extremely strong and can easily cope with free spans of up to 3 metres.


Grip variants

The Grip system is available in different lengths – unlimited from 131 cm. Many different leg colours and different table top materials.

Available in 3 widths:

Grip Basic: 80cm width

Grip Meeting: 108cm width

Grip Wood: 100cm width

Read more about them all below.

Prices and recognition

Danish Design Award 2012

The International AZ-award 2015
Read more about the jury’s justification...

The designer

Grip was designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen, who works out of his furniture "... must possess inner dynamics, elasticity and uniqueness. At once humble and full of character."


Read more about Troels Grum-Schwensen...


Troels Grum-Schwensen, MAA MDD


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