Tjørring Skole

Tjørring School, Herning Denmark

In close cooperation with the Danish furniture dealer, Duba-B8, Randers+Radius has supplied 300 chairs and 30 tables to the Danish school “ Tjørring school”.

The school was built in 2012 and the impressive five-star-shaped building integrates daycare, kindergarten and primary school for children up to the age of 14. The delivered chairs were a combination of the Pure chair, the Pure X chair and the Pure stool. The tables were all Must tables.

The architect behind the project was the Danish architecture firm Friis & Moltke. According to Friis & Moltke “a good interplay between buildings and the surrounding landscape, as well as between the internal rooms and the materials, is an important factor for the atmosphere you experience in the room”. Friis & Moltke has also designed the Seatdown modular seating system, which is produced by Randers+Randers.

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