From one brand to another
In Toronto Canada, one of the world’s biggest sport brands, Puma, has furnished their corporate office with GRIP tables. The beautiful Puma office was inspired by Puma’s “Forever Faster” brand strategy. The goal for the space was to support the need to be fast in reacting to trends and executing innovative ideas and this message is communicated by every architectural product selection.

Innovative and award winning Design
The GRIP table is designed by the Danish architect, Troels Grum-Schwensen, and the table has won both the Danish Design Award in 2012 and the AZ Award in 2015. Grum-Schwensen design is well-known for its innovative designs. The development of GRIP was a challenging process in terms of function, the laws of physics and the material options. 


The simplicity and the innovative function provides an endless range of combinations, enabling you to obtain a unique, individual solution customized to the room.

A Sculptural and simple expression
“The GRIP table is a good example of renewal in Danish furniture design. The innovation is not only reflected in the expression of the table system, but also in the production method. The materials are well chosen and the detailing is excellent. The Grip table is a good example of a world-class design product with typical Nordic design characteristics. The table is robust and as a free-standing piece of furniture is has a sculptural and simple expression” The jury’s statement, winner Danish Design Award 2012.

Products used by Puma



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