Aarhus, Denmark


Case NAVITAS, Aarhus, Denmark

In close cooperation with the Danish dealer Duba-B8, Randers+Radius has delivered more than 2.200 SALA E swivel chairs, 600 SALA chairs and almost 800 FLEX tables to Navitas in Aarhus, Denmark.

Navitas houses more than 2.000 students, teachers and professionals and is located on the new waterfront in Aarhus and is the largest low-energy building project in Denmark with a budget on about 1 billion Danish Kroner. The project is carried out in cooperation with CCO Copenhagen and Kjær & Richter, Aarhus and photographer Adam Dark.

Both the SALA E swivel chair and the SALA chair on four legs were designed by the Danish architectural firm Hans Thyge & Co. According to the architectural firm “The furniture for Randers+Radius is all about the interplay between the architecture of the furniture and the detail”. SALA is available in many different versions for different purposes and what binds them together is the flexible back which provides good ergonomic support.

The FLEX tables were designed by another Danish company, aars Design, and is available in a folding and non-folding version. The duo behind aars Design is Thore Lassen and Søren Nielsen and their furniture is well-known for its high use value and aesthetic experience.

Products used in Navitas




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