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Company: Hans Thyge & Co.

Hans Thyge & Co. specialise in furniture, concept and product design. They also have a section specialising in 3D graphics, inside finish, exhibition lay-outs as well as concept- and communication design.


The different furniture series for Randers+Radius are all about the interaction between the architecture in the furniture and the detail. The “architecture” talks to us and is interacting with the room, and in the detail you can find the poetry…music of the object.


“Creativity is about the selection of impressions – combinations of memories and associations filtered through the eyes of the individual.”


The good idea always occurs in the area between function and story. What colour or music ?… what story shall the product tell ? And what is the function of the product?


TONO was one of the first chairs on the market which is made of environmental friendly materials and at the same time is a sound absorbing chair with a shell made of felt from 100% recycled PET bottles.

The transformation from design to actual chair has taken more than a year and the shell has gone through many alterations and improvements in order to transform it into the molded felt shape it has today.

During this period of time 3 different types of frames have been developed which gives the chair three completely different looks and makes it a very versatile chair suited for many different purposes and environments.


More about Tono


German Design Award Winner 2019

The Mood chair series is our most versatile range of chairs. It consists of 6 models, each with their own qualities, yet which still fit into the collection as a whole. The many chassis, shell, colour and upholstery combinations make Mood an extremely versatile chair that allows for a variety of expressions, making it an ideal component of most modern interiors.

Winner of the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Excellent Product Design".

Sustainable Mood chair

Mood100% - a Mood chair with an upcycled shell. The shell is made from 100% upcycled plastic waste from the European car industy e.g. dashboards and door panels.


More about the Mood collection

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