We love furniture

Randers+Radius is a Danish manufacturer of innovative and timeless designer furniture, which is produced at our own factory in Hadsten, Denmark. We collaborate with some of Denmark's most talented and established architects...


Our vision

Can you live in the present and still search for excellence?

We think so. Our vision for the future is to keep doing what we do today, even better perhaps, but with the same degree of commitment and honesty and maintaining the conviction that our products, services, and prices are unmatched.

Unmatched. Of course that is a subjective assumption. But in our world, we wish to produce the best furniture in the world. It happens when shape, colour and function can no longer be separated and become - a piece of furniture from Randers + Radius.


The best design in the world is created in cooperation with our visionary architects who know how to combine practicality and comfort, the beautiful and the feasible, common sense and wildness.

To us, the best service in the world is marked by empathy – understanding the users, the surroundings and the arrangement of furniture. It comes from understanding the world of our customers and their lifestyle related requirements when buying furniture.

Our furniture may be high quality and timeless in design, but we have no intention of standing still.

Quality & Environment

Quality and environment are important elements of Randers+Radius' "everyday" and in servicing our customers and is one of the prerequisites for continuous improvement and continued strong and profitable development

See our quality and environmental policies and certificates

Circular economy

Randers+Radius manufactures furniture that in all its simplicity fulfils several functions by virtue of materials, configuration and structure. The idea behind each piece of furniture focuses on optimizing materials in terms of function, the environment and finance. Consequently, the furniture consists of as few joints and materials as possible. At the same time, it is tested to last for generations. The materials are straightforward and uncompromising, and can all be recycled in new contexts when the furniture is to be replaced. This yields a circular life cycle and a circular economy that benefits everyone.
Therefore we employ the method of Rethink+Reform+Realize. ¬Rethink involves rethinking of materials and design. ¬Reform is the production process and the finished product in form and function. Realize involves the product in use and overall experience of the furniture.


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