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Randers+Radius A/S is a Danish manufacturer of innovative and timeless designer furniture, which is produced at our own factory in Hadsten, Denmark. We collaborate with some of Denmark’s most talented and established architects and together we challenge form and materials and are constantly thinking in new contexts.

Randers+Radius was founded in 2012, when the two Danish furniture manufactures R. Randers and Radius merged and hereby created a synergy of combined 60 years of experience in making high quality designer furniture. 

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The two owners, Niels Kastrup and Lars Andersen, have a great passion for creating innovative and smart furniture and love to challenge new materials, even though it sometimes seems impossible – but we believe the outcome and the benefits of what the new product has to offer is always worth the effort.

Randers+Radius has received several awards for creating innovative furniture, and the Grip table is a good example of this. It has won both the Danish Design Award and the international AZ-award.

Niels Kastrup & Lars Andersen


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